Plato’s world is here.

Kay Ness, a noted neurodevelopmental therapist, made an interesting observation on the paradigm shifts in the culture of a home in the last 200 years.

Home alone

‎ In the 1800’s the ‘industrial revolution’ took the fathers out of the home. In the same time period thru 1900’s, compulsory education took the children out of the home. World War II and feminism took the mothers out of the home. Now no one is home.

We’re on Sep 26,2011. Extending the same trajectory as shown above, what would an average Indian home look like in 2111?  Let’s play this prediction game for a moment and see where this would possibly take us. Disclaimer: All views stated below are purely an imaginative extrapolation of the current state of affairs. In the event of any of these coming true by accident, feel free to back link to my post.

2011: Ma-Baap ( Mom and Dad ) live with their 2 children in a 2 bedroom apartment. He’s an IT director and she’s an Interior Designer. First son aged 12 studies in a reputed International School with global benchmarks and the toddler daughter, aged 2 years is with her grandma at home. Indian household, indian family

People at home: 5, Average time spent at home: 12 hours

2021:  Ma’s in London, Pa’s at Boston. They’re both “virtually” connected. Economically, it makes sense – living globally and working locally tends to save commute time, break time and family time as also living in a half empty house nearly 6 months in a year. Remember, we’ll all trying to turn Green and every extra bit of power and resource saved is better for the human race. They have a son, 2 years old, and placed in a 24X7 daycare center in India, that never sleeps. Ma and Pa visit their  son once a year on their roundtrip when they all go for a vacation to Bali. Sweet.

virtual family, techno family, disintegrated family People at home: Umm.which home?, Average time spent at home: once a year all together for 2 weeks.

Fast forward to

2051: Ma has no Pa. I mean, no legal “Pa”. By this time, marriage laws in India have been relaxed owing to the pressures of global civilization, and any woman can ‘live in’ with any man without necessarily being wed to him. No guilt trips, it’s all “legal”. You can choose your mate from a global network, based on your likes, dislikes, optimum performance, profession,etc. Nobody now thinks about the future much since the average age of human life has dropped down to 40.  So it’s all about the “now”. Elderly homes are a thing of the past – you either live fit, or just die. Oh and did i tell you that child conception has now become a myth? No more the “9 months in the womb disease”. genome, gene, chromosome If you want a child, you can make your own one by choosing almost everything you desire to see in your child. And then Babymakers Corp. would create that baby, gift-wrapped and ready for pickup. Once you’ve cuddled your toy and played enough, you can hand over the baby for training according to state norms where a 3 month old would be taught to run on treadmills under artificial baby feeds. They need these babies to progress the human race.

People at home: Hazy,  Average time spent at home: Random

Let’s now head straight to 2111. Hitler youth, indian christian homeschooling

2111: Social structures become a misnomer. Everything is shared, and we are made to believe that it is for the common good. Everyone belongs to the government. Men and women are trained by the government to live, speak, eat, work and sleep in a certain way. Your whole life is under scanner and dictated by the principles of the government. Again, for the common good. That’s their mantra. So what happens to Ma, Pa and the little children? That too is decided by the government. Who marries whom, how many children they will have (again, artificially, since by this time fertility is bygone ), where they work, how much each one eats is also pre-programmed. So why have children at all? you may wonder. Children are no more than a pool of carefully combined genes for military intelligence and furthering the race.

People at home: No more Home,  Average time spent at home: Nil

Sounds scary isn’t it? But this isn’t some nightmare that can barely stand ground in our minds. Adolf Hitler is known for quoting thus

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

About 2400 years ago, Plato predicted with great precision the powerful Totalitarian and Feministic systems that would rule the times to come. He envisioned women leaders who would rule alongside men and pictured disintegration of family structures in his mythical city Kallipolis, to an extent wherein children were confiscated to be trained by the state.

Philosophers in his era argued vehemently against his proposition made in the famous Socratic discourse called The Republic. They thought Plato was nuts. Perhaps, we’ve proved him otherwise. Both Adolf Hitler and Plato knew well that the pathway to absolute supremacy lay in controlling the youth of their times. The Greek Gymnasiums were the test beds for this sort of training.  Education confiscated from parents to indoctrinate their children to state subordination and citizenry illiteracy was one of the government’s main agendas, as seen in the reign of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung in Germany, Russia and China respectively.

Food for thought

Soch ka bhoj History throws light on the formation of generational worldviews. The Scriptures predicts history for us and provides a suitable way to respond to world systems and events. Plato’s world is pagan. We see an instance of this sort of thinking in the book of Daniel.  A crucial piece of Babylon’s governance strategy was to handpick the young Jewish exiles and train them, so that they may be faithful subjects of the Babylonian rule (Dan 1:3-5). This isn’t just some sort of  pragmatic workaround to meet a need in the country. This came from a pagan worldview and a power struggle that the Babylonians had.  History will take shape, and we can all hope it won’t end up being as I’ve imagined or as Plato did. The crucial question is: who is going to shape history? 

5 thoughts on “Plato’s world is here.

  1. Interesting. But what do we do to stop this trend? This needs a lot of discussion & rethinking on all levels.

  2. Pothan Uncle, I will be bringing out some solutions through my blog. I guess the need of the hour is for families to realize that the forces around it are working to systematically disintegrate their basic social unit. This needs to be a wake up call. Once they realize this, God’s Word gives ample insight into how the family needs to be reconstructed and restored. I will share some of them in my posts to come. Thanks for your initial thoughts uncle.

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