The Sanctifying Sink

housework, indian housework, india homemaker, indian housewife, gender roles in india  Housework is every  woman’s dreaded disease. I’ve never come across a woman who told me, “I just love my work at home – cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning – is what I was made for!” Seriously, if you stack that up against a brawn, slick, smart woman of the 21st century working her way through the world, it does make a homemaker look like a wimp.

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The Way Home: Beyond Feminism back to reality by Mary Pride

the way home, mary pride the way home

At the onset, let me inform you that this is not a book on homeschooling, and if you’re delving into this book hoping to receive some advice on how to plan a home based curriculum, toggling home duties with education, etc. then you’re in for disappointment.  However this is a book for those who are confused, lost and are seriously evaluating what God wants of a woman, and as the author rightly titled the book, it shows you the way Home. As it did to me.

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