Family worship Part 3: How to conduct Family Worship

no time for worship, family worship, is it practical to do family worshipSome of you may be wondering after reading my previous post, “Fine, it all sounds quite biblical, but I’m not sure we can pull this together given our haphazard schedules!“. I understand this predicament. But think about it for a moment: aren’t misplaced priorities the culprits for our chaos? And should not sound family worship be the fulcrum on which all else is laid and balanced? My firm belief is that if we get this right, every other disorder will settle in it’s place with time (Matt 6:33), and I’ll show you in a minute that family worship can be less an ordeal and more a tie that binds your family together. Continue reading

What constitutes Family Worship?

Family worship, family devotions, family time, home church, family bible time, quiet time with familyBefore we take a plunge into the practice of Family Worship, it’s important to understand the necessary intersections and differences between corporate worship in the common assembly of God and in the family. Many have sought to replace one with another calling a Sunday morning worship at the breakfast table as “church” or making sunday school a replacement for sound teaching that should begin at home.

The Family, as we saw in my earlier post, is not an independent, cocooned institution. The family is Continue reading