Psalm 1 – The Man of Righteousness


salms online, free psalm tunes online, free psalter online, book of psalms for worship free, psalm 1a tune, ps 1a songToday we begin our journey into psalm-singing. If you recollect, I had promised in an earlier post that I would start teaching you to sing the psalms that would greatly enrich your personal devotions and times of family worship. This series is a deliberate effort to offer you what has been a great source of blessing in our family.

We’ve often heard the psalms being read during responsive reading in our local church. We’ve been told psalms are wonderful to quietly meditate on, or use in personal prayer and devotion. Some contemporary bands have also put to tune certain portions of psalms, but singing whole psalms has never been done in India, atleast as far as my knowledge goes. A friend once exclaimed, when I told her I sing the psalms everyday “Can they even be sung?!”  This brings to memory a peculiar habit we have in India, Continue reading