A time to listen and a time to speak.


If you have been visiting, reading or following my blog, you know I’m sluggish. I haven’t kept up my blog in the past 2 years and its rusting and catching dust. If there is one thing that keeps my blog alive, its you. So, thank you for spending your precious time on my site! But silence doesn’t imply inaction. Over the past 2 years, the Lord has been changing our tracks and moving us through significant milestones in our life. My husband and I moved to the US in 2013 to commence theological studies at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh), where we currently reside. We are now full-fledged members of the RPCNA, which, over the years, has greatly inspired and encouraged our zeal for the local church. Currently God is preparing our heads, hearts and hands for a similar work in India. Psalmsang – a home-based Psalm singing school – ran its brief course and is now on pause mode (remember, pause mode). My husband and I have been writing for an Indian magazine called ReformationNow. Last year, I began a workshop on sacred hermeneutics for women which I hope to continue in spurts in the coming years. Alongside formal seminary training, we have been discipling, feeding, reaching out to and connecting with the flock of Christ in different contexts. As you can see, we have been crazy busy!

So, what happened to homeschooling?, you may begin to wonder. None of our convictions have changed, if anything, they have been tempered by the Spirit and the wise counsel of many elders from our Church. Until we have children of our own to homeschool, my husband and I are devoting our time and energy to equip Indian homeschooling families with much needed and relevant curriculum on Indian history and theology. Much of our work is underway, but you will begin to see some rudiments through this blog. I will continue to write, albeit sparingly, on important issues concerning Christian women, children and family life in India. However, the bulk of my writing will focus on history and theology. God willing, in time you will see this blog metamorphose into a larger website with more offerings for your family. Until then, your love, prayer, and encouragement would keep us plodding faithfully in His service.