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Sarmishta Venkatesh, home school mom bangaloreIt would be impossible to tell you something about myself without reference to dead men and alive alike who’ve inspired me and shaped my life. I was born a Brahmin – a Pharisee of Pharisees amongst Indians. I loved my traditions and honored them as much as I could in order to win the favor of my gods. But God who set me apart even from my birth arranged the affairs of my life in such a way that at the appointed time, when I was 18 years of age, while still a sinner, Christ regenerated me and made me anew. My Christian life hasn’t been without its set of setbacks. In my initial years I was soaked in a sort of charismatic spirituality. I guess seeking an ‘experience’ would be the apt word. Soon after this euphoria died down, I was introduced by a close friend to Christian mysticism (sounds like an oxymoron, eh?). I wasted nearly 5 years of my life in this rubbish but all along i thought it was the most scintillating  encounter a Christian could ever have with God. Through the wisdom, counsel and patience of my husband, I was released out of this dangerous movement. It was then that God convicted me of my sinfulness, yet reminded me of His Sovereign control over my life, that despite my failures and fragility, God was mighty over me. I learnt that although I’m a hell deserving sinner, who is incapable of loving, pleasing or even seeking after God, God chose me before the foundations of the world to be His own and released me from the recurring instincts of sin and sinfulness that I was born with. Through the years I have learnt a great deal from faithful men of God – R.C. Sproul, John Macarthur, John Piper and Paul Washer have  humbled and inspired me towards personal holiness. The pastors and elders of the RPCNA have been so gentle and instructive towards me, refining my thinking and broadening my understanding of the Scriptures. Through these dear fellowmen, I have come to love the Puritans and the Protestant Reformers who lived as though they would die any moment, in solitude, utter rejection, yet with great joy in Christ, whom they considered their priceless treasure. Men apart, Mary Pride has been such a kindred spirit to me and through her prolific writings has challenged my thinking about womanhood and motherhood. I would attribute most of my Christian growth to the loving teaching and discipleship of my husband Venky, who despite my many failures has loved and cherished me.

Throughout my blogs you will see strands of thoughts that come from the influence of such people as also my own meditations from Scripture. They are men, mere men. But God has used them to sharpen my character, broaden my vision and strengthen my heart through their exposition of Scripture, the very sword of the Spirit.

Soli Deo Gloria!

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Salvation belongs to our God who sits upon the throne . Praise Him for what He has done in our lives .
    Praise be to Him who is able to keep us from slipping and falling and to bring us sinless and perfect into His glorious presence with mighty shouts of ever lasting joy.
    Hallelujah! God bless you both and keep you in Christ Jesus our Lord .
    Ruth Michael

  2. Praise God for your testimony. Yes the Christian life is an upward trek and we all make mistakes, or take diversions. on the way. But God is faithful and will bring us back to him if we are willing.

    I want to know how to introduce your blog and you article “The Sanctifying Sink” to others.

  3. I am so encouraged to read your blog…I have a number of friends in India, but none of them know or appreciate Reformed Theology … I am so grateful to find a woman who can accurately and graciously articulate things relating to faith and daily life. God bless!

  4. Brings back BITS memories to me as I read your testimony…How wonderful is the Lord’s ways!! Thanking God for You and Venky!!

  5. Hi Sarmishta,
    I am Meenakshi, I am actually looking for a Christian bookstore in Bangalore. I was looking for places to buy a Kannada bible and came across your website. It was really encouraging to read your testimony. Please can you tell me where I could find a Kannada Bible in Bangalore?? Thanks

    • Hi Meenakshi,

      Thanks for visiting. You can check out OM bookstore at Koramangala ( very close to Oracle office -Tavarekere area ) or at Kammanahalli (which is larger). However if you are looking for Kannada Bibles, please check out the Bible society of India’s Book Room located on the main MG Road. These book shops are not open on Sundays. You can find the address of OM books here: http://www.christianstore.in/skin1/locator.htm
      Trust this helps

  6. Hi Sarmishta,
    I was looking for an image of J.C.Ryle because I am designing a book cover for my sister-in-law who is about to publish a translation of Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men. I am yet to go through your blog properly, but I am excited to know that there is another person under the sun other than myself who would fit the following description: blogger, Reformed, Bangalore connections, lover of India, Psalm singing.

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