Griha Shiksha

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Griha Shiksha is the Indian word for Home Education. Traditionally, the term ‘home education’ conjures up in our minds the image of a mother cuddling up her child on her lap and reading a book with him, but Griha Shiksha is not just about education at home: it’s about education on the home. This is a place where you learn before you teach your children. You won’t find ten steps to child-rearing, 5 minute guides to teaching your child to listen or any such tips and tricks at this blog. But you will find well researched articles that will challenge your assumptions on the home, provoke your thinking on familial responsibilities and help you begin a journey to rebuild your home on Biblical foundations.

Griha Shiksha tackles specific issues of the home using a biblical worldview and helps Indian families rebuild homes through biblical orthopraxy.

This blog is a sort of  think-tank on common subjects of the home, such as

  • Home birthing and related topics
  • Home schooling
  • Home business
  • Home working
  • Home and Church

If you wish discuss more on these topics or join me in this cause, mail me at

Unless the Lord builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain ~ Ps 127:1


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