Wherein lieth the Inscription of Caesar?

what is caesar's?, what is god's?, indian freedom movement biblical?, what is the inscription of caesar?, inscription of caesarSometime ago I was talking to an American friend about a Christian homeschooling curriculum for history. We talked about Church history, influences of Rome and Greece, and finally hit upon a pertinent question that could have perhaps, stirred up a hornet’s nest. Continue reading

Why is everyone running?

lessons from sewing, sewing lessons, stitching lessonsRecently I enrolled myself for sewing classes in order to make my home an economic profit center. I was delighted to learn something new an d started imagining colorful tapestry and designs which I would someday create. I wanted to re-live my high school days when I first learnt how to take up needle and thread and hand-stitch little girls’ frocks. In my ecstatic envisioning, I forgot one thing: the needle pricks. And so it came to be, but in an unexpected fashion. Continue reading

Plato’s world is here.

Kay Ness, a noted neurodevelopmental therapist, made an interesting observation on the paradigm shifts in the culture of a home in the last 200 years.

Home alone

‎ In the 1800’s the ‘industrial revolution’ took the fathers out of the home. In the same time period thru 1900’s, compulsory education took the children out of the home. World War II and feminism took the mothers out of the home. Now no one is home.

We’re on Sep 26,2011. Extending the same trajectory as shown above, what would an average Indian home look like in 2111?  Let’s play this prediction game for a moment and see where this would possibly take us. Continue reading