Revisiting the story of Christmas – Part 2

Regulative principle of worship, RPWIn my previous post, I had addressed some common issues with Christmas as a festival from the historical viewpoint. Most of you may have already heard some of these arguments and still feel that today’s context lends very little for us to believe that Christmas could be pagan. Personally for our family, the conviction came not from history, but from a proper understanding of what is commonly known today as Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW), which patterns out clearly from the whole tapestry of Scripture. In order to understand this principle, one has to first believe and affirm Tota Scriptura (All of Scripture is sufficient for life and godliness – 2Tim 3:16,17 ) as well as Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone is sufficient for life and godliness – 2Pet 1:3 ).  Continue reading